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Making Gardening For Kids Fun

Not only do most children enjoy planting and watching something grow, they like to feel that they are contributing to a worthwhile endeavor. Gardening for kids is a great way to teach responsibility and have fun watching them learn about plants.

The First Step In Gardening For Kids

Initially it may be a good idea to check out the space where a garden will work in your yard. Have the kids help evaluate the space and determine the size of their own personal garden. Make the kids a part of the decision making process when determining where a garden would be best situated.

When gardening for kids, teach them how to research plants for the garden. Gardening for kids is a great time to instill learning lessons. Go on-line and show them how to find out about plants. Take them to the library and let them check out books on gardening. Gardening for kids can turn into a great research project that involves many different aspects of investigation including discovering the right types of plants for the garden. Many children want to plant vegetables; this could be the key in getting them to expand their food choices. All the initial steps in gardening for kids can be a good basis for learning later on in life.

When gardening for kids, it can also be fun to find products that are kid size and ready for the garden. Many stores carry child size tools for gardening, and these may be more appropriate than having them use adult tools. Bring the kids along to select their own little shovels, trowels and especially the watering can. Most kids will want to be active in watering the garden, and what better way to control how much water is used than by giving them a watering can.

Make sure that when you are gardening for kids, that you help them with preparing the soil and even planting the seeds. Read the directions and teach them how to space the seeds and plants. Make sure that they understand the importance of good soil for the plants and how much water is necessary. Allow them to weed the garden and show them what weeds look like. Teach them the proper way to handle the gardening tools, and to always pick up their tools.

Gardening for kids is a life long lesson that they will appreciate and have a great time exploring the outside world.

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Gardening Tip #8

Plants like Sanseveria and Aspidistra require no sun. They can be placed away from a window. Spider plants need semi-shade. You can put plants like these near a window that does or does not get sunlight. Check the label to see what your plant needs.