Herbs for medicine: A New Garb For Ancient Remedies

The use of herbs for medicine has been known to us for quite some many years and it also goes by the name of phytotherapy and herbalism, which is a branch of ancient alternate medicinal systems involving many plants and their extracts that are used to cure diseases as also help provide relief from different ailments. There is no doubting that herbs for medicine have certain powers to heal, and this is borne out from the fact that their use has been ongoing for many thousands of years in successfully combating various diseases as well as disorders.

Herbs Have Been Used For Many Centuries

The strength in using herbs for medicine lies in the fact that even today, there are many herbs being used that have been used for centuries on end and which have proved them very capable of healing a person. In fact, there is concrete evidence to support the fact that herbs for medicine have been known to man from as many as sixty thousand years ago, and its use has continuously been improved as more knowledge has been gained as to its many benefits.

There is even mention in the Bible regarding the use of herbs for medicine which only strengthens the view that man and nature are inexorably bound together. Not only does modern man use herbs for medicine, but even ancient tribal communities have been known to have known about herbal supplements as also medicinal herbs by using trial and error methods to get better results. This accumulation of knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation and thus we have been able to continuously refine and improve on this knowledge.

In fact, the modern herbs for medicine that we are accustomed to using owe them to many different and varied influences such as those of Greeks and Roman as well as ancient Ayurvedic influences from India, and especially the Chinese influence. There are now many herbalists and botanist as well as pharmacologists and even microbiologists that have come together from different parts of the world in an attempt to find the elixir of herbal medicines through a study of ancient medicinal herbs as well as new specimens.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for doctors to prescribe herbs for medicine that can be used for the treatment of different diseases, especially in the developing countries of the world, though urban societies in the developed world are also using such means to find relief from their ailments. People are steadily becoming aware of the benefits of herbs for medicine and are now opting to use them rather than try out synthetic drugs.

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