Herbs vs. pharmaceuticals: Easier To Pop A Pill Than To Change A Lifestyle

The focus of attention is veering towards use of herbal supplements with increasing numbers of people preferring herbal remedies to get relief, and complaining about the high cost of traditional medications as well as their possible side effects. However, recent studies are now showing that even herbal remedies can have consequences that can only best is described as being less than desirable. Thus, there is a growing debate about the herbs vs. pharmaceuticals benefits, with opinions being pretty diverse.

More FDA Regulation For Herbs Is Required

No doubt, the use of herbs is only partially regulated by the FDA in the US; however, there are many that are now discounting the opinions made by the FDA because they claim that the FDA has certain vested interests because of tie-ups with the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, a growing number of people are advocating that the FDA control the herbal industry in much the same way as they do the pharmaceutical industry.

Thus, the war between the herbs vs. pharmaceuticals camps is hotting up, and there does not seem to be any end in sight. Furthermore, the World Health Organization says that it is believed as many as eighty percent of the world’s population has used herbs at some point of time or the other as a means to get relief from an ailment. Thus, it is not surprising to know that the herbal industry accounted for over two billion dollars of sales in the year 1996, and is estimated to go up to six and a half billion dollars in 2000. On the flip side, the pharmaceutical industry sees profits of two and a half billion dollars and this refers only to the top ten pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore, in the herbs vs. pharmaceuticals debate, many people are complaining that pharmaceutical industry is heavily subsidized by taxpayer’s money, which still translates into huge medical bills, which the herb using supporter’s claim is far too heavy and most people would likely concur with this opinion. Also, the pharmaceutical drugs that are most used are meant to treat heartburn, ulcers as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which the proponents of herbs claim can be just as effectively dealt with by changing the diet and by also exercising and at the same time reduce stress. The problem with these herbs vs. pharmaceuticals arguments is that it is often easier to pop a pill than it is to make a change in one’s lifestyle.

There is therefore much that is positive about using herbs and it should be taken into consideration in the herbs vs. pharmaceuticals debate, and going down the “natural” route should be given serious consideration before making a decision and choosing the easier though often more dangerous pharmaceutical route.

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