A Guide to Landscaping a Steep Bank

If you ever have a landscaping design in which you need to landscape a steep bank then there are definitely a few pieces of information that you are going to want to take into consideration first, otherwise you could run into a lot of trouble and cause yourself a lot of unwanted stress and hassle.

Landscaping a Steep Bank

The first step in landscaping a steep bank is to determine whether the slope is gentle or steep. When it is gentle all you need to do is construct a series of terraces on grade to the lowest elevation, and these can be made out of landscape timbers or railroad ties or stone, for instance, whatever you prefer. If you are using stone then you need to make sure that you back the stone properly with soil cloth.

If you need to take care of a severely steep bank then you want to plant a dense hardy groundcover through the cloth, and as the plants then you need to start at the top and form a berm on grade in order to be able to distribute the flow of runoff as evenly as possible. Next you are going to need to prepare a bed area beneath the berm, and cover it with soil cloth. Once you have done this you need to plant a dense groundcover through the cloth.

Calling in the Professionals

Landscaping a steep bank really does not have to be all that difficult, however if you are very inclined to this field or if you simply do not have the time or care to do it, then you always have the option of calling in the professionals to do the job for you. You just want to take a bit of time and compare and contrast between the various different landscaping companies out there, so that you can choose the one that is going to offer you the best quality services at the best possible price.

Let them know that you are interested in having them landscaping a steep bank for you, and get some quotes. You will be quite surprised at the difference in price between some of the companies, and this will most likely be a huge deciding factor in terms of which company you decide to go with.

Proper landscaping adds both beauty and value to a home, and so it is definitely something that you are going to want to invest time and money in, regardless of whether you use professionals to do the work or not.

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