Cheap Ideas For Landscaping Borders

Whether you are simply planning to create landscaping borders around your walkway or you are deciding to use them to create entire raised flower beds, you will likely become shocked at the price of ready made materials. Not everyone can go out and pay a lot of money for landscaping materials. However, this doesnít mean you have to settle for visually unappealing landscaping borders in order to get a cheaper price. Rather there are several options where you can find cheap landscaping borders.


Consider finding a building site in your area where they are putting in new neighborhoods. You can often find a lot of nice sized rocks to use as landscaping borders in these areas since the builders have to dig up the land and then rake it flat. In addition, many of the builders will gladly let you take the rock since it means they donít have to haul it away themselves. For a family it can also be an fun outdoor adventure to go around looking for rocks to use in the garden. This method gets you attractive landscaping borders for free.

If you donít have any building sites in your area then simply taking a walk along a country road or in the woods can be a source of many landscaping borders. You may even find something of interest to use as your landscaping borders that you normally didnít think of this way. If you donít have the time to go out looking for yourself then ask your family and friends to be on the lookout for you when they go for a walk anywhere. Within a few days you can easily add up all the materials you need for landscaping borders.

Other Options

Rock is not the only option for landscaping borders. You can also use old concrete for excellent landscape borders. Stack them like bricks and use a sledgehammer to break them down into any size bricks you need. This option is very popular with those who want a rustic look for their landscaping borders. You can easily find old concrete at places where they are redoing sidewalks or driveways. Also the local waste dump is another good source for finding old concrete that you can use in your yard.

You can also used recycled tires for your landscaping borders. Cut the sidewalls off a used tire and then across the tread. From just one tire you can get two to three feet of edging for your yard. A large tire can even offer you edging that is up to six inches high and the material is indestructible. You wonít have to worry about these landscaping borders rotting or animals chewing on them. And you can find used tires nearly anywhere you go.

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