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10 Tips For Florida Lawn Care

In Florida, most people can afford to have a beautiful house with an elegant lawn. There are some things that you are going to need to know about Florida lawn care though.

What You Need To Know About Florida Lawn Care

Maintaining and caring for your yard is going to require you to take these 10 tips for Florida lawn care into consideration:

You are going to need to know what you want to achieve and then come up with a plan as to how you are going to accomplish this.

Take your time to choose what plants and flowers you will want to use.

Before you plant any grass you are going to need to research about which grass is best used in Florida lawn care.

Take some time in the spring to aerate your lawn so that the small life forms and the microbes that are under the soil get fresh air. In Florida lawn care this is best done while the rains are still falling during the spring so that water will have a new course to take and saturation is prevented.

Have a professional do an acitidy test on your yard's soil. If it says that your soil is too acidic then you should apply some lime. If it says that your soils is not acidic enough then you will need to apply some sulfur.

Use some of your compost pile to ensure that your grass' soil is rich in nitrogen.

Invest in a good watering system so that you can water your lawn on a regular basis. Regardless as to whether you use a sprinkler system, a hose, or a gardener, you will want to make sure that your yard is watered on a regular basis. This is an especially important part of Florida lawn care because of how hot the climate is.

You will need to figure out the correct schedule for mowing your yard. This schedule will be based upon how fast and thick your lawn grows. Mowing your grass does not simply get rid of the old grass. It also helps encourage the roots to grow deeper so that the soil will be healthier.

If you make sure to do these things, your lawn will love all of the tender loving care that you are giving it. Of course, you will also enjoy just how very lush and beautiful your yard is.

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Gardening Tip #6

Overwatering kills most houseplants. Looks can be deceptive, so to see if your soil is dry enough to water, try the finger test. Insert your index finger up to the first joint into the soil. If the soil is damp, don't water it.