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Daily and Yearly Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance should include a daily routine in the warm months and preventive measures for the on set or fleeting of the colder months. Proper nutrition, aeration, and dethatching are annual activities while watering and mowing are part of a daily routine.

Proper nutrition for lawns will often be found in the form of slow release fertilizer. Giving this food as part of the annual lawn maintenance and encourages strong even growth through out the year. This will usually include four to five feeding evenly spaced through out the warm season, equaling out to about once a month.

Aerating is a part of the lawn maintenance process which is only necessary every other year. As the name suggests aeration allows oxygen to get into the soil improving the over all quality of the soil giving the grass the added air it needs to grow properly.

Aeration becomes necessary as part of the dethatching process. Thatching is a term used for thick dead grass built up between the new growth of grass and the soil from which the grass is trying to get its nutrients. This thatch can be hard to remove and is often better left to professionals.

Daily Lawn Maintenance

Beautiful green lawns need plenty of water as part of their lawn maintenance plan to be healthy and hearty. Most lawns will benefit from two to three watering a week; watering more frequently will probably waste water as the plants cannot use more than an inch or two of water a week anyway.

When watering on those two or three days the lawn maintenance is best preformed early in the morning and a thorough drenching watering are preferred to a light sprinkling. Light watering promotes the growth of shallow roots which will cause easy browning.

Mowing is another important part of the daily lawn maintenance. Most lawns will require mowing weekly during the spring and twice weekly in the summer months. The type of grass which grows in the lawn will generally dictate the length which the grass should be trimmed.

Warm weather grasses will generally tolerate lower heights than their cold weather counter parts. The most common grasses will look and grow their best at heights between two and four inches. In any lawn maintenance routine it is important to remember never to cut more than one third of its height from the grass.

Beautiful green lawns almost never happen by them selves, strong healthy lawns require constant lawn maintenance. Diligent care annually and weekly are required as “boosters” to help a lawn look its best.

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