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Scott Lawn Care Products

Many people enjoy gardening and lawn care at their homes and trust only the best brands of products for their home and gardening needs. Scott lawn care products are among the most trusted in the United States.

Scott lawn care products cover every aspect of household outdoor care from bird food to grass seed and everything in between. They have easy to use fertilizers, spreaders, pesticides, weed preventers/killers, potting soils, and decorative landscape coverings such as mulch or peat.

Complete Outdoor Care

For a beautiful home most people will start with grass seed or grass fertilizers to boost grass lushness and growth. Scottís lawn care products are perfect for this application. They offer reseeding compounds, grass seed with special foods to help them grow fast and strong, plus easy to use fertilizers with spreaders that make adding just the right amount of product to the lawn quick and simple.

Scott lawn care products have an entire line specifically for insect, weed, and disease control. Nothing ruins a lawn like disease, weeds, and insects; these things can brown the lawn, and prevent it from healthy growth in the future.

Additionally insects are bothersome to the people who want to enjoy the lawn and diseases can spread through soil very quickly, causing the infestation to spread to surrounding plants and trees

Scott lawn care products include a full range of potting soils. These soils arenít only for pots; they can be used in planting beds for flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and other plants. It is important when buying bagged soil to read the directions because some soils are intended for different plants or for use in the ground instead of pots.

Adding Beauty To The Landscape

Mulches can add beauty and a splash of color to landscaping simply by surrounding shrubs, trees, walk ways, or other plants. The most popular colors include red (usually cedar), black, and deep brown. Unlike many other brands of mulch, Scott lawn care mulches can be purchased with added color that is fade resistant to prolong the beauty of the plants it is accenting.

Also Scott lawn care products have all natural mulches in different textures to add depth and dimension to a lawn area. They offer fine, large, dark, and bark coverings that can give a natural pleasing look to the lawn.

Scott lawn care products are professional quality with ease of use for the consumer in mind. Many of their products require little foreknowledge and work great the first time and every time.

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