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Atlanta Pest Control Companies

In most areas of this great nation, all kinds of bugs dwell. From insects to small rodents, bats and of course, the termite pest can be a major concern. Because of the local Atlanta weather with the addition of humidity, it is a great place to live for bugs and other things that make people stand on top of a chair.

The good news for residents of Atlanta is that almost all of the pests arenít interested in people, and they can be controlled by Atlanta pest control companies. They can cause damage to homes, and for that reason, most people will want to have a contract with an Atlanta pest control company.

Termite Issues

Any home in Atlanta can be susceptible to termites. When new homes are built, the trees cut down and cleared can attract the termites. When there are parts of roots or whatever else, the termites can easily move in to eat all of the dead wood. Eventually they can move to the wood in a home and continue to eat.

Any good Atlanta pest control company knows what to look for with termites and they will show homeowners what to look for as well. People will also want to make sure that all attic space is closed to the outdoors. The screens that release heat from the home can quickly become a colony of bats favorite nesting space. It is important to make sure there are not even small gaps in the screens.

Atlanta Pest Control Locations

There are many good Atlanta pest control companies. Stinger Pest Solutions is one such company. They are members of the B.B.B. and licensed in Georgia. They can control everything from termites to ticks and everything in between. They serve the Atlanta metro area and can be reached by calling (770) 645-7595. Whether buying or selling a home or for regular service with an Atlanta pest control company, they will be helpful.

Another good Atlanta pest control company to look into is BREDA. They can handle most any pest control problem in the Atlanta area. They serve several counties in the Atlanta area and are always willing to help when any customer calls. For more information about BREDA people can call (770) 446-6700.

Peachtree Pest Control is a large Atlanta pest control company with several offices throughout Georgia. To find out locations, people can call the corporate office at (770) 931-9099. They will be able to give homeowners much of the information that is desired. If one of these companies does not suit the customer there are many more Atlanta pest control companies which can be found either in the phone book or on the internet.

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