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Ehrlich Pest Control Flushes Out Infestations

Whenever you see only one rodent in your home or business, there is a good chance there are plenty more hiding from you. The same holds true for most pests that do their best to stay out of view, knowing that if spotted you will take necessary steps to get them all out of your home or business. Ehrlich pest control has close to 80 years of experience in locating the signs of pest presence and can take the steps needed to get rid of the problem.

Whether you have seen the bugs or rodents or have simply noticed signs of their presence, it is a good move to contact companies such as Ehrlich pest control to confirm your fears and have them help develop an integrated pest management control program. This will not only rid your building of any pests but stop them from coming back. They can even suggest ways to make your home pest-proof to keep other types of uninvited guests from taking up an unwelcome residency.

In central and eastern Pennsylvania termites can often be a problem, especially in areas where fallen trees may have been lying on the floor of the woods for some time. Ehrlich pest control understands that termites help advance the decay of fallen timbers and serve a useful purpose, when they are confined to their natural habitat. Unfortunately, termites cannot tell the difference between a downed tree in the forest and a floor support beam in your house and must be made to understand they are not welcome in your home.

Professional Services Keep Track Of Results

There are many products on the market that allow for home and business owners to attack pest problems on their own and some of them are effective. There are a few cautions about attempting pest control on your own, including the poisonous nature of many of the products being sold. As a licensed, professional exterminator Ehrlich pest control uses only the products necessary to take care of a specific problem while some over-the-counter products may contain chemicals you do not need for a particular problem.

The chemicals used by Ehrlich pest control are also commercial grade and stronger than what is sold at retailers and resultantly, less is needed to be used. Add to that the continued support available through a service contract with Ehrlich pest control to keep your home or business free from pests after the initial application and the difference in price from the retail products and the time spent applying them yourself and the costs of a professional service contract will seem negligible.

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