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So You Want to Become a Pest Control Worker?

Many people, when they are young, are looking for work that pays well and gives them freedom to work alone. While others might be satisfied working at fast food restaurants, some people want to be outside, with frequent changes of scenery.

The job that offers all of this is pest control companies. People will start out, once fully trained, as pest control workers. Before anyone jumps for the local phone book to call companies, there is a lot of work that takes place between wanting to do the job and finally doing it. Pest control workers must be licensed both federally and by the state. This is a serious job that requires professionalism and attention to detail.

Pest control workers must have graduated from high school as a minimum and many employers require aptitude in chemistry, math, and writing. They must also be able to interact with customers. Pest control workers need to be in good health because the job requires it. The workers need to be able to deal with anything that crawls into the attic during hot summers or goes down below a house in the dead of winter. The individual can expect many harsh conditions while working. Because of all of the different situations, most workers will begin as an apprentice technician. This gives pest control workers time to adjust.

Specifics of Pest Control Workers

Because this job requires regulation, pest control workers should know licensing and certification will apply. Most companies require formal classroom time with on the job training. Many states require that people receive 10 hours in the classroom and another 60 hours on the job training for each requirement. Because the industry is always changing, all technicians must also have continuing education courses to stay current on all of the laws and chemicals being introduced.

Different categories such as rodent control, termite control, fumigation, oriental and turf control require additional education. Looking at all of this might seem too hard for most people. It isnít too hard and the more knowledge a pest control worker gets, the higher the pay becomes. Young people can probably remember their elders always telling them that anything worth anything requires hard work. That is still true. For those who work hard, there will always be work available as a pest control worker.

Many people donít want to do the kind of work required and for the person that sticks with it; they can become a supervisor with as little as two years on the job. This of course, requires even more training and testing but the sky is the limit.

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