Information on Endangered Plants

Any plants which are in imminent danger of extinction are considered as being endangered plants. There are many different types of endangered plants in the world today, some of which will be discussed here.

Types of Endangered Plants

This is a type of small rainforest tree that is related to the macadamia nut tree, and this tree was actually presumed as being extinct until it was recollected near Nambour in the year 1989. As well, this same tree has been found in two other rainforest remnants on the Sunshine coast but still is considered as being endangered because of the rarity of it.

Eucalyptus melanopholia is another of the most endangered plants, however this particular plant is very widespread and thus is much more likely to be able to survive than other plants, those which are under threat or very restricted in habitat, for instance.

Why Plants Become Endangered

There are particular reasons why there are endangered plants, one being loss of natural habitat through land clearing for pastoral purposes, urban development and agriculture. This means that land that would otherwise have been used for planting is now taken up by buildings and other forms of structure.

Pollution is another big factor, especially in the world that we live in today where pollution is considered as being a major issue. Pollution can take many forms, and water, air and ground pollution are all related. Toxic substances that are dumped in a wooded area, for instance, will destroy the soil as well as the species that live in it.

Disease is another issue. Diseases grow naturally for the most part, and the most publicized example is DDT, which is an insecticide that was used all over the United States and which was found in water and soil and then eventually worked its way up until it was affecting the plant life.


In order to protect the plants that are already considered as being endangered as well as prevent any more from becoming classified as being in this category, we all need to do our part. This means taking care of the Earth, trying to keep it as clean and pollution-free as possible, and making sure that we do everything we possibly can to protect all the plant life all across the world.

Only once this issue is taken seriously will there be any positive outcomes from this matter, and it is important to start now before it gets any more serious.

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Gardening Tip #3

Powdery mildew is the common fungus mostly affects your ornamental plants. This will create white film on the leaves of the plants in your garden. Even other ornamental plants such as Sand cherry and Dogwoods are also getting affected with this fungus. Efficient gardening is necessary to curtail the growth of this fungus. You can easily prevent this by spraying general fungicide in the garden centre.