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Protection Of Purple Roses Symbolizes Parental Love

Throughout the ages, purple roses have come to symbolize protection as well as paternal and maternal love. Many times when a parent is offering flowers to their child, they will opt for purple roses to say they love them and are there for them, whatever the troubles.

While roses of many colors are known for their symbolism, the Victorian language of flowers is the most commonly known as ascribing symbolism to the flowers’ colors. Many cultures over the years have associated roses with the goddesses of love including Venus and Aphrodite. In Rome, when a secret meeting was being held a rose was often placed on the door. Information discussed at that meeting was kept “under the rose” to signify confidentiality.

Whether purple roses are a naturally occurring color or a product of hybrid breeding remains a question. As many varieties of roses were developed in many countries and brought together through the centuries. Currently there are thousands of varieties of roses, which have been bred for the bloom size and shape, color, fragrance and even some with a lack of prickles. While often referred to as thorns, the prickles are a part of the stem’s outer layer.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Just as bush roses have been bred to produce more blooms on each plant as well as in miniature form, climbing, or rambling roses, have also been cross bred. While not climbing vines such as ivy or clematis, it is the stems of the rose bush that grows longer than typical garden roses allowing them to climb or ramble. Many use purple roses in all three typical sizes to accent their landscape.

Miniature purple roses placed in pots or flower boxes can be offset by the same color of garden roses placed in the ground nearby. Placing a trellis adjacent to the flower box or the ground and adding climbing purple roses can bring an accent to the area or serve as an attention point for landscaping.

Hybrid tea roses are one of the more popular breeds, as each stem culminates with a single bloom. They are also perennial bloomers and following their hibernation period, will offer fresh blooms yearly. When the tea rose was bred with the Austrian briar rose, it gave the option for a much wider color range, which greatly improved the popularity of the tea rose. purple roses, lavender, gray and even brown roses quickly grew in popularity.

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Gardening Tip #8

Plants like Sanseveria and Aspidistra require no sun. They can be placed away from a window. Spider plants need semi-shade. You can put plants like these near a window that does or does not get sunlight. Check the label to see what your plant needs.