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Great Ideas for Indoor Fruit Gardening

For people who live in apartments, have small yards, or live in cold environments indoor fruit gardening is a great idea. There are many fruits which can be grown inside without too much trouble and having plants in the home is healthy for all the occupants. Indoor fruit gardens not only provide an excellent source of food but also help to keep the air in the home more breathable. Plants are also pleasant to look at and are great accents to the décor of any home.

Trees for Indoor Fruit Gardens

When people think of fruit trees they often picture large apple trees in their mind. Of course, unless a home is absolutely huge large fruit trees are not a good idea for indoor fruit gardens. In recent years scientists have made great progress in dwarfing fruit trees. Most fruit trees are now available that will grow no taller than about five feet. Most homes can accommodate one or two trees this size.

These trees will produce fruit which is the same as large trees in an orchard. Having an orange or lemon tree in the home is a wonderful addition. Both these types of trees have been grown in homes with great success as long as there is enough sun exposure. There are also other trees available for growing in the home but one must be cautious not to choose trees which require cross pollination unless there is room for more than one tree.

Other Ideas For Indoor Fruit Gardens

There are other plants that will do well in indoor fruit gardens. Strawberries can be grown well indoors and there are nice strawberry pots available at most gardening stores. These pots generally have tiers for the small starter plants allowing for the vine shoots to grow also. Melons can be grown in an indoor fruit garden but will need room to spread out. If there is room in the home a table can be made with raised edges to hold soil and the plants can be grown on the table. It will be important to either provide water drainage or have a base of gravel or stone under the soil.

The most popular fruit which can be grown in an indoor fruit garden is the tomato. Tomatoes are easily grown in containers and with adequate sun and water can produce large quantities of fruit from one single plant. Tomatoes are great because they can be used for so many things. They can be eaten fresh, canned or made into all kinds of sauces. The tomato is a great plant for the indoor fruit garden beginner.

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Pruning plays an important role in the garden maintenance. If you commit any mistake while pruning, don’t lose your heart because it’s like a bad haircut, it is going to grow again.